Our Team

Behind Everything.

Meenakshi Nair


Meenakshi is the founder of RiseToAI academy. She is currently a junior at Mission San Jose high school, Fremont. She created this initiative to provide an inclusive and support community for teens who are interested in STEM. She has been a Technovation Girls Ambassador for 3 years , where her role is to make sure that girls are aware of the program and support them through the technovation journey. Meenakshi is also passionate about conducting research and working on projects involving engineering, computer science and AI .She aspire to be a tech entrepreneur, connecting AI and communities.

Gauri Satish


Gauri is the co-founder of RiseToAI academy. She is an undergraduate student at Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India pursing Bachelors in Data Science and Computer science. She would like to pursue a career in STEM and passionate about learning new technologies , AI and Machine learning.

Rhea Khatra


Rhea is currently a sophomore at Vista del Lago High School, Folsom. She has been involved with Technovation since being a finalist in 2022 and strives to empower girls in STEM as a student ambassador. Rhea is currently working with the Board of Education of her district to increase STEM classes for 20,000+ students. She is an aspiring tech entrepreneur who hopes to solve pressing issues in her community. Rhea has spearheaded the creation of many apps that strive to mitigate climate change, reduce food insecurity, and much more.

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