Your New Companion

With around one third of the world population currently subject to self-isolation, the spectre of loneliness, regularly affects as many as more than 40 percent of seniors according to a University of California....

Student Spotlight: Team MDS helps businesses breathe easier

COVID-19 has killed millions across the globe and devastated businesses. Even after one full year into the pandemic, there is still no end in sight with new outbreaks in places like India. Businesses....

This is Technovation: The 15 year old girl making change for generations to come

At 15 years old, most adolescents aren’t thinking about closing gender gaps or establishing a community focused on mentorship and the positive change they can cause for generations to...

Alumnae Blog

Generative AI
By Meenakshi Nair. “Wow…” you remark as you marvel at the hues of the orange and pink in the horizon, casting a golden glow onto the calm waters of a vast ocean. Although it is just a realistic-looking image you have come across on...


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