Get involved through interactive tutorials, videos, and workshops.

Our Mission

“To make Artificial Intelligence education approachable, affordable, and accessible to all.”

Our Goal

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization striving to spark and nurture interest in STEM fields among teens. We want to inspire curiosity and encourage exploration of various STEM subjects.Our club focuses on developing practical skills relevant to STEM disciplines and AI technologies. We offer videos, hands-on workshops and activities that enhance problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our STEM club for teens is to provide an inclusive and supportive community that fosters a passion for science, technology, engineering, AI and mathematics.

Our Team

We are a community of Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts and students from across the world. Think you would be a good fit? Be sure to apply!


Technovation workshop at Merced School district, California

Our Story

“Welcome to RISE TO AI, where passion meets purpose and dreams take flight. Our journey is dedicated to transforming lives through the power of STEM and AI education. It all began with a simple yet profound idea — to bridge the gap in STEM education and make the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics accessible to all.Our mission is to empower every young mind with the tools and knowledge to explore, question, and create. We started small, collaborating with local schools and educators to bring hands-on STEM experiences to the forefront. Join us in the pursuit of a future where every mind is empowered to reach its fullest potential through the magic of STEM !!”

Technovation Girls

Meenakshi Nair

Meenakshi is the founder of RiseToAI academy. She is currently a junior at Mission San Jose high school, Fremont. She created this initiative to provide an inclusive and support community for teens who are interested in STEM. She has been a Technovation Girls Ambassador for 2 years , where her role is to make sure that girls are aware of the program and support them through the technovation journey. Meenakshi is also passionate about conducting research and working on projects involving engineering, computer science and AI .She aspire to be a tech entrepreneur, connecting AI and communities.

Gauri Satish

Gauri is the co-founder of RiseToAI academy. She is an undergraduate student at Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India pursing Bachelors in Data Science and Computer science. She would like to pursue a career in STEM and passionate about learning new technologies , AI and Machine learning.